About X-Exercise

What you THINK becomes how you FEEL and how you FEEL is what you PROJECT.

X Exercise revolves around playful striptease and exotic dance techniques that keep you smiling and having fun. It’s time we women get to take the time play hard just like the boys do! The most important aspect women should take away from my exotic dance classes is that exercise should be fun, not a job. We have to change the way we think and begin working ourselves from the inside out! Believe it or not, we can do this through the art of exotic dance!

I developed the X Exercise program in an effort to fortify the spirit of women. The classes are designed to increase self-esteem, self-acceptance, body awareness, fitness level and general sense of well-being in each woman. My dance classes are intended to support women of all ages and all walks of life in journey of self-love and fitness. I believe that every woman has special, unique and endearing qualities . . . but not enough of us recognize what they are!

X Exercise was created as a way to gain an appreciation of ourselves as women and recognize our own attributes. I encourage ladies to be proud of who they are, as they are! My goal is that at the end of the class, each lady will leave with a renewed sense of confidence and poise, as well as a repertoire of dance moves and exercises that will allow her to “strut her stuff” and to maintain a lifestyle of health and fitness.

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