About Carol


Try dancing and not smiling.

Striptease has never been so hot! Carol Eden teaches the art of exotic dance as way to shed weight, look and feel amazing, and love yourself!

Carol Eden

My first loves are music and dance. I love every variety and couldn’t imagine my life without either. Both have the ability to change the way I think and feel about the world and about myself. Dance has always been an art form that I have enjoyed sharing with others and it has certainly helped me keep moving throughout my life (without getting bored).

When I began teaching X Exercise eight years ago, I owned a fitness facility devoted to women.  During that time, there was quite a buzz moving in from Los Angeles and New York about strip tease as means for burning calories. Channel 5 news contacted me to inquire about the subject matter and it made me even more inspired to create a program that allows exercise to be fun, empowers women and their sexuality, and makes us feel really darn good about ourselves. My philosophy has always been that exercise needs to be fun or it becomes another job. My approach was, and still remains, that women should band together and play just like the boys do! X Exercise provides the perfect format for women to play hard, laugh hard, and work ourselves from the inside out! It’s the perfect dance exercise class!

I currently work all over Northeast Ohio in multiple studios in Beachwood, Parma, Cleveland, and Kent State University (to name a few). I have also worked in private environments out of state. I have been blessed by the opportunities I have had meeting women of all ages, shapes, and sizes throughout my teaching experiences! I have taught the art of X Exercise to thousands of women for bachelorette parties, girls’ nights out, Red Hat Women’s Societies, birthday parties, and even church groups!

I have been teaching exercise classes of all kinds for over 25 years and I can honestly say that X Exercise keeps my practice fresh, exciting, and provides countless opportunities to meet inspiring women all over the place! So many of these women continue to be friends today! We can laugh and love ourselves all at the same time!

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